About Lakeland Points

I have been a resident of Lakeland since grade school, & I am still proud to call this quaint town, “home.” Having spent all my formative years here, I have come to appreciate all the culture, history, food, & fun this area has to offer. Above all the sites & sounds of this proud city, is its sense of community. As a professional REALTOR familiar with all Lakeland has to offer, I was still always astounded at the abundance of things to do & places to see. Out of this, LakelandPoints.com was born.

I want to share this community with the rest of the world! I want to promote Lakeland’s community atmosphere. As a professional REALTOR, I know the business of selling a home goes well beyond the structure and condition of the home itself. Families buy not just a home itself. They buy into a street, a neighborhood, an area, and a community. I want to promote all of those things in totality.

I invite you, your family, & friends to view, plan, & contribute to this site’s community. Visit often as you will come to appreciate that there’s always something happening in Lakeland.