Picassoz Art Cafe

Picassoz Art Cafe
4623 Cleveland Heights Blvd Lakeland FL


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Picassoz Art Cafe has relocated to a beautiful location on Cleveland Heights between JBurns’ Pizza and Violettes Scrapbooking.

I pulled into the parking lot of Picassoz Art Café’s new location and the first thing I noticed is all the easy-access parking.  And then there is the lovely front porch of the Café.  It is so inviting, in color and design.  There are several rocking chairs and the large windows offer a great view of activities inside.  Music could be heard as I approached the porch.

Once through the threshold, it’s easy to notice the beauty of the natural light streaming through the front windows.  You can enjoy both inside and “front porch seating.”   Every inch of space is inspiring.  Picassoz’ Facebook page describes an “eclectic 2-story pottery painting studio” and that is a strong defining explanation.  To start.  But it’s just a start.

Picassoz Art Cafe offers a comfortable, relaxed, “step off your life” invitation.  Here you will revisit, or discover, your love of painting.  On any given visit, you’ll find paper plates dotted with small pools of colorful ceramic glaze covering the cafe tables where artists work on their projects.  Paint brushes lay in wait near mixed-matched jars of water ready for mixing, diluting and cleaning.  Heads are bowed, intently focused.  Minds are free to create here!

Projects are scattered throughout this easy going, cafe-style set up.  Glass beads, chips of colored ceramic, letters, words…all kinds of detail to add to your mosaics and more are available.  Whether you want to explore the ready-to-paint ceramics, mosaics, fused glass jewelry or other gifts and projects; you are going to have fun!

Time here can be quiet and concentrated.  You can also choose to chat with friends and family who came with you – or the new ones you may make at a nearby table.  Snacks from Tea Largo or JBurns’ Pizza are available for purchase when you need a break.

When I first arrived, the Café was busy at the time of my visit.  To begin with, I  purchased a cool, refreshing 4 Berry Smoothie from Tea Largo.  Tracey made this lovely treat for me and was so friendly and helpful.  My smoothie, many other drinks and treats are available at Tea Largo, which shares space with Picassoz.  I walked through Tea Largo and Picassoz Art Café and took photos to share with you both the space and the mood of this charming location.   I was also able to visit their beautiful, upstairs art studio.  Michelle was kind enough to allow me a quick peak.  This unique and spacious option, adorable and easily adaptable, is available for groups for a family fun afternoon, a group outing, canvas party, workshops, family night, team-building, special occasions, birthdays or fields trips.

The staff will explain all the “need to knows” to get you started in just minutes.  Walk-ins are welcomed and invited. Reservations with large parties are suggested, only to ensure the best possible experience for you and your guests.

And when it’s time to go home, you will leave already thinking about when you will return.  Which is just what happened to me!  I went back to Tea Largo the next morning and had an amazing Acai Bowl full of rich, cold Acai Berry smoothie topped with granola, strawberries, honey, Goji Berries and bananas.  It was so good I’m already fighting the urge to go back again tomorrow!

They have “Popping Pearls” which are popular with Bubble Teas, Fruit Smoothies or any cold drink or cold teas.  Popping Pearls are tiny little gems filled with sweet fruit juice.   Try a Strawberry Smoothie with Strawberry Popping Pearls.  So Delicious!  Tea Largo has a large selection of drinks including Matcha Green Tea, Smoothies, Boba Teas, Chai, Coffees, Herbal and Black Teas.  Tea Largo, on its own, it’s a sweet little café to have a snack and a drink and read a book or study. It truly is a “Vacation in a Cup!”

This riot of color and fun, named Picassoz Art Café, is a place for you to return to now that it has relocated.  It is obvious that Owner Kristin Miller has poured her heart into Picassoz and Tea Largo!  If you have never taken the time to treat yourself to some hand’s-on fun, call or visit their Facebook page or website for more information.

Better yet, grab your keys and head on over right now!  Wait, make sure they open first, which they usually are!

Picassoz Art Café hours are:
Monday-Thursday 10-9; Friday 10-10:30; Saturday 9-10:30 and Sunday 11-7.

Tea Largo’s hours are:
Monday-Thursday 7-9; Friday & Saturday 9-10:30; Sunday 11-7

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