The Polk Theatre

The Polk Theatre
121 South Florida Avenue, Lakeland FL


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the Letters – a Movie about Mother Teresa

An Evening of Hip Hop

H.G. Wells War of the Worlds

Metropolitan Opera Rising Stars Concert

Duke Ellington Afternoon Concert

Pink Floyd Laser Light Show

Built in 1928, the Polk Theatre was a vision and dream that recognized the city of Lakeland, an important railroad stop between Tampa and Orlando, FL

This beautiful gem of Imperial Polk County was born before World War II and has survived significant economic and cultural change. Construction began in November of 1926 with its first show in December 1928.

Today the Polk Theatre provides a nostalgic venue perfect for movies and performances.  The historic stage has hosted legends including Elvis. In the early 1980s the community worked to breathe new life into the Polk Theatre and today is host to local artists, plays and local competitions while continuing to attract international performers.

Today it is supported by membership, fundraisers, rentals and the Performing Arts calendar.  There is a way for all Polk County residents to support their theatre; beginning with buying a ticket to a movie or a headliner.  Additional, needed and appreciated support includes membership, donations and endowments.

Membership to the Performing Arts program may be pursued by contacting the Theatre at (863)-682-7553.  The calendar will provide you with the best overview of what is coming up.

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