Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness
1489 Town Center Drive Lakeland FLorida 33803


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Orangetheory Fitness

Lakeland noticed the orange bicycles strategically positioned throughout our city.

Lakeland googled.  The buzz grew.

Within a couple of days, over 100 Lakelanders had signed up with this one-of-kind, not yet built, exercise studio. Since May, Orangetheory Fitness has kept an office in Lakeside Village while overseeing every detail in planning and opening Lakeland’s own Orangetheory Fitness.

Designed and founded by Ellen Lathan, out of Fort Lauderdale Florida, Orangetheory Fitness combines Ellen’s significant education, distinguished experience and exciting vision to create a most unique exercise possibility.

How it works
Orangetheory Fitness provides a 60 minute workout which focuses on endurance, strength and power.  Every class has the same standards: members arrive and each put on a heart monitor.  Class is led by a professional trainer out on the floor – who is mic’d up so members can easily hear direction and encouragement.  The real-time results of your heart monitor are on large screens overhead for members and trainers to monitor.  Heart monitors and their feedback are key to your workout.  This is to ensure each member is working within the range that is beneficial for them – reaching the most effective range – while not exceeding it.

You are not coming to Orangetheory Fitness to watch t.v. and walk on a treadmill.  You are going to watch your own heart rate and progress.  Ellen’s vision is to make a difference in your health and energy.  The staff is very sincere in their desire for Lakelanders to know that ALL levels of fitness can participate – from the beginner to the extreme athlete.

Professional Trainer
Orangetheory Fitness GM/Studio Manager Jude Woolston and Assistant Manager Kayla Goldman were kind enough to allow Lakeland Points to talk with them and tour the studio. The staff is very excited and focused.  They are eager to start Lakeland on their own Orangetheory Fitness adventure!

Orangetheory Fitness Studio
The equipment is set up and ready to go!  With the grand-opening only 2 days away, Lakeland Points can assure you that the detail and finishing touches are close to completion – and perfection!  There are stations for each member as they work in the different areas.  Members are not required to walk back and forth across the studio for their equipment.  Focus and success are obvious top priorities in the Orangetheory Fitness world!  There are lockers and showers.  Everything has obviously been well thought out and planned for their members!

Owners Frank and Martha Lugo, are very excited and eager to partner with Lakelanders in their health and futures!

Orangetheory Fitness is across from Brass Taps in the Lakeside Village shopping area.  Be sure to call ahead and schedule your first class 863-226-1303

Heart-Rate Monitored Interval Training

No Long Contracts

Results Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

You have nothing to lose and very possibly a new-level of health to gain!

55 classes per week for all levels

Orangetheory Fitness





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