Child of the Sun Music Festival & 5K

Child of the Sun Music Festival & 5K
Lake Mirror Complex, 702 East Orange Street, Lakeland FL 33801


: Child of the Sun Music Festival and 5K, Fernando de Soto, Hernando's Landing, Lake Mirror, lakeland


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The Rotary clubs of Lakeland are combining their efforts to provide a one-of-a-kind “adventure” playground on the shores of Lake Parker.

This new playground, to be called Hernando’s Landing, is inspired by the historic expedition of the 15th century Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto. It will reflect a portion of Florida’s part in this famous discoverer’s life. de Soto’s adventures included a stop at Lake Parker here in Lakeland.

It is Lakeland’s Rotary clubs desire to use this historic location and story to build an inspiring and fun playground for our youngest residents. They envision children benefiting both physically and socially while encouraging their adventurous spirits!   A zip line, a replica of a ship and a tree house will be some of the anchors of the playground.
On Saturday, April 11, Child of the Sun Music Festival and 5K will benefit this project and proceeds will contribute towards the Lakeland Rotary clubs pledge to raise $350,000.
Child of the Sun includes the marriage of health and fun, indicative of Rotary values.
This day is packed full and offers what is more common than not in Lakeland: an event designed to lend itself to fun and good health, promote our beautiful city and benefit our residents in some manner!
For more information regarding the 5K and the Festival; Lakeland Points offers you the following quick links to save you time:
  • For information about the 5k, how to register, the Kids Run, information on the course – everything about the run. Click here
  • To go straight to registration to participate in the run, click here
  • Everything you could ask about the FREE musical festival is answered here and here
  • The generous sponsors are mentioned here. When at all possible, please consider using these sponsors as a way of showing your appreciation for their love of Lakeland. If possible, take the time to thank them for their generosity and support!
  • Looking for an opportunity to volunteer at this event? Click here for details

This event truly reflects the heart of Lakeland and her residents.  If you are so inclined, please register for the 5K.  As this event benefits our youngest residents, please consider participating in whatever manner you are able.






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