Beach Boys coming to Lakeland May 2, 7pm

Beach Boys coming to Lakeland May 2, 7pm
Joker Marchant Stadium, 2301 Lakeland Hills Blvd, Lakeland


: 2015, Beach Boys, Hernando de Soto, Hernando's Landing, Joker Marchant Stadium, Lakeland Rotary, May 5


Price: Tickets: $35-$69; Parking $8


On Saturday, May 2, 2015, at Joker Marchant Stadium, The Beach Boys will perform!

Doors open 6pm

Concert starts at 7pm

Opening act is Michael McArthur

They are here to raise funds for a local project, sponsored by the combined efforts of all 4 Lakeland Rotary clubs.  The project is to build a one-of-a-kind playground on Lakeland’s own Lake Parker.  It is centered around Lakeland’s youngest residents and most prized resource, our children.  The playground will feature a ship, a zip line and history regarding a famous Spanish explorer from the 16th century who walked the shores of Lake Parker.  For more information, click here

Here is a great article by Lance Ferguson and photo by Michael Wilson of the Lakeland Ledger.  The story shares the backstory and credits one of our own residents, Alyssia Totten, who is married to one of the longtime members of the Beach Boy’s band, Scott Totten.  Alyssia is also a Rotary member and initiated this event!

Lakeland Points thanks Alyssia and her husband Scott for their dedication and love for Lakeland and especially for our youngest residents!

Thanks to Lakeland Ledger for such a great article!

Ticket Information and a detailed picture of seating is here

Parking Information and a map of the area is here

Rotary’s post is also here for your information.

Please share this post with others to do all we can to help with the efforts of the Totten family and Lakeland Rotary clubs on behalf of our childre!





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